Protecting Diversity Programs Pays Off for Thomson Reuters

For Rick King, CIO of Thomson Reuters, having a diverse workforce is essential. To increase its number of female employees, Thomson Reuters participated in last year’s Top Companies for Women Technologists, an program that recognizes companies building workplaces where women technologists can thrive. They even made the 2016 Top Companies Leadership Index, which lists the companies whose representation of women technologists is above the mean.

Thomson Reuters also implemented Leadhership1, a program designed to engage and retain rising women technologists within the company. “The other thing I did was make sure the [Leadhership1] program had enough money to survive every single year — and I protected it from anybody that wanted to do anything other than keep it going,” Rick explained. “We were named one of the top 25 companies for women in technology by, and I think programs like this are one of the reasons why.”

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