Silicon Valley Still Has Work to Do to Fix the Gender Pay Gap

While big tech names like Apple, Facebook and Microsoft are touting their equal pay policies, the gender pay gap is still a problem in much of Silicon Valley. According to a recent survey coinciding with Equal Pay Day conducted by online jobs marketplace Hired, women are offered less money than men for the same role 69 percent of the time. On top of the pay gap, women are promoted much less frequently than men, says Elizabeth Ames,’s SVP of Marketing, Alliances and Programs.

“Most of these companies are looking at this issue and trying to do the right thing. But one of the things you don’t necessarily see in these assessments of pay gap is the issue and gap around promotion. We see that women advance at a much lower rate than that, and that’s one of the major contributing factor to women leaving companies. That doesn’t show up in surveys,” says Elizabeth.

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