Female Trailblazers Notably Absent from 60 Minutes Tech Report

When viewers tuned into the 60 Minutes report Closing the Gender Gap in the Tech Industry, many were disappointed to discover that the report discredited decades worth of advocacy and ignored the efforts of so many women technologists and groups. Instead, the report credited a single organization as the one to “finally crack the code” — an organization which, ironically, is led by a man.

“The continuing erasure of women technologists in favor of men needs to stop,” Brenda Darden Wilkerson, President and CEO of, states in her article “Computer Science for All Stands on the Shoulders of Champions.” She continues, “Presenting one male role model as the pioneer and savior of the computer science for all movement is consequently uninspiring to the many female technologists, and young girls still discovering their passions, who will fill our tech pipelines, lead our tech projects, and who are sorely needed to solve our present and future problems with technology.”

Read Brenda’s full article, and be sure to comment on the women technologists and activists who inspire you. Let’s celebrate these often unsung sheroes, and prove just how big of a difference women are making in the tech world.