Why Google’s Anti-Diversity Essay Matters

Google’s anti-diversity essay written by an ex-Google engineer caused an understandable uproar when it was first leaked. The controversial document states that the lack of women in tech is due to biological differences, and that Google should not offer programs for underrepresented minorities. Mashable spoke with Elizabeth Ames, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Alliances, and Programs at, about the significance of this document and how Google should respond to this incident.

“It really lays bare the challenges that women and underrepresented minorities face in tech today,” Elizabeth said. “[W]hen you have a coworker who writes something that says, ‘I think you’re genetically predisposed not to be good at this,’ that’s not really a great starting place.

“It creates a tremendously divisive situation within their organization,” she added. “I think they have to take a stand here.”

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