Google’s Anti-Diversity Essay is a Result of Unconscious Bias

A former Google employee’s anti-diversity essay is gaining a lot of criticism, but the views depicted in this essay are, sadly, nothing new. Geetha Kannan, Managing Director of India, argues that this essay is another product of unconscious bias, something that heavily affects the corporate world and continues to harm women in tech.

“It is widely assumed that in the STEM fields since it requires a lot of left-brain related work, it is not suitable for women who are more right-brain oriented,” Geetha explains. “If a recruiter or a company’s top management is already thinking along those lines, then how can the woman get a chance to get that promotion?”

Geetha stresses the need for managers to address unconscious bias within their organizations. By taking actions such as promoting pay equity and having a diverse recruitment panel when hiring, organizations can begin creating more diverse and inclusive work places.

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