BRAID Partner Harvey Mudd College Triples Female CS Graduation Rates

Harvey Mudd College is a founding partner of ABI’s BRAID (Building, Recruiting and Inclusion for Diversity) initiative, which focuses on growing the representation of women and other minorities in college computer science departments across the country.

Now, the school’s own efforts to encourage more women to join the field of computer science are paying off in a big way. For the first time, 55 percent of the school’s undergraduate computer science majors are women, according to Quartz. By comparison, the national average for women majoring in computer science is at about 16 percent. Harvey Mudd has also tripled its rates of female computer science graduates over the last 10 years.

Harvey Mudd has achieved these results by removing obstacles that typically keep women out of the industry, including at the faculty level. Harvey Mudd “emphasizes teaching over research, hiring and rewarding professors on the basis of their classroom performance”, says Maria Klawe, President of Harvey Mudd College. The school has also emphasized putting women in leadership positions throughout the school — next year, six out of seven department chairs and 38 percent of its professors school-wide will be women.

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