How and Why Companies Should Recruit and Retain Women Technologists

Improving diversity numbers within a tech company can be challenging. Not only do tech leaders need to find innovative and productive ways of hiring more women, but they also need to ensure that the culture within the company is safe and supportive in order to retain their women employees. Although changing hiring practices and work culture requires intentional focus and dedication, company leaders will find that the functional and financial results are worth it.

“Research shows that companies that hire more women, people of color, and traditionally underrepresented groups are rewarded with an innovation advantage,” explained Stephanie Rodriguez, Vice President of Policy and Engagement at “These companies produce answers to questions that cannot be answered from a singular point of view. A positive outgrowth of workplaces that include an intersectionality of race, gender, and culture is that the technology we are building will better represent the society for whom it is built.”

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