Indian Companies Need to Increase Diversity and Inclusion

Between 40 and 50% of computer science graduates in India are women, a vast improvement from the U.S. where it’s only 18%. However, as ABI’s President and CEO Telle Whitney explains, “[T]here’s less women in leadership roles in the technology industry. And so we don’t have those senior role models in India.” Many Indian women find it difficult to work in the tech field, with some branded as “bad mothers” for sending their children to daycare, for example.

“There is a small shift and I think the needle is moving but very, very, very slowly because it’s a lot of different things,” explained Geetha Kannan, managing director of the India. “It’s social, cultural, unconscious bias–everything together has to be solved… Our challenge would be to make sure that the Indian market recognizes diversity and inclusion in the same way as the West.”

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