Investing in Diversity is Key to the Success of Tech Companies

Technology has the power to change the world, so why should only a small percentage of the world’s population be the ones creating it? In order to ensure technology fairly represents the diverse range of people it serves, tech leaders need to focus their attention to promoting inclusion in their workforce.

“To sustain success, and acquire and retain talent, CEOs must cultivate a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion that reflects their markets at all organizational levels,” said Dr. Jacqueline Bouvier Copeland, COO of “We need a multi-pronged, intersectional approach to improve business practices and disrupt societal attitudes that inflict bias against women’s potential as leaders. This will help us achieve global 50/50 intersectional gender tech equity by 2025.”

From creating mentorship programs to sending female employees to Grace Hopper Celebration, there are plenty of ways for company leaders to support their underrepresented employees. Read Jacqueline’s article for Media Planet to learn how you promote equity in the tech field.