NCWIT Summit Toasts Co-Founder Telle Whitney

Lucy Sanders, CEO of the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT), took the stage last night at the NCWIT Summit to toast Telle Whitney’s lifelong contributions to women in tech. Accompanied by NCWIT co-founder and ACM CEO Bobby Schnabel, Lucy raised a glass and asked the the gathering to salute Telle’s legacy as both a co-founder of NCWIT and leader of

“I want to take a moment to recognize Telle Whitney, who’s retiring from [later this year],” Lucy said. “Telle, Bobby, and I are co-founders of NCWIT, so we wanted to take this opportunity to honor her here tonight.”

Bobby joined in the accolades. “Telle has done a wonderful job both in leading and in helping us lead NCWIT,” he said. “I want to thank Telle for being an incredibly great partner and a wonderful human being.”

Telle then took the stage to thank the crowd. “I treasure my time together with Lucy and Bobby and with all of you in creating the National Center,” she said. “Every one of us needs to come together to create a world where women technologists thrive.”

image credit: Snehal Bhakta