Seattle Tech Companies Address Gender Imbalance

Women are a minority in the tech industry, especially when it comes to leadership roles. Our research shows that women make up only 28.5% of the average U.S. tech company’s entry field. The amount of women in senior positions is even lower, at just 19%. The lack of advancement leads many female technicians to leave the field, and discourages other women from joining tech in the first place.

Some Seattle area tech companies such as Redfin are successfully addressing the issue of gender imbalance in their workforces. By creating diversity initiatives and reexamining their hiring processes, these companies are able to make improvements both in recruiting and retaining more female employees. “Now I walk around, and it’s rare that I’m the only woman in a meeting,” said Bridget Frey, Redfin’s chief technology officer.

Check out the solutions that Redfin and other Seattle companies are implementing to increase gender diversity. Read the full Seattle Times article.