The Solution 8 in 10 Tech Companies Use to Increase Diversity

Research shows that companies are more successful when they have diverse teams, yet many tech companies still have low gender diversity numbers. Not only do tech companies tend to hire less women, but women often leave the tech field due to harassment, unequal pay, or lack of promotion. Fortunately, a rising percentage of tech leaders are creating company programs to retain and recruit more female talent.

Our 2018 Insight Report for the Top Companies for Women Technologists program shows that 8 in 10 tech companies offer gender diversity training programs. Some tech companies even have additional resources such as affinity groups and career development programs to promote inclusion and help their employees thrive in their careers.

“When you add in things like apprenticeship programs, boot camps, attending conferences, creating more exposure and opportunity for women and people of color, that changes how effective your diversity program can be,” said Julian Green, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Guidance at

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