How to Speed Up Progress on Diversity in Tech

Despite discussions around unconscious bias and promises of change, little progress has been made in terms of increasing diversity in the tech field. Many diversity initiatives have been ineffective, and people are getting tired of trying to fix a seemingly insolvable issue.

So how can tech leaders speed up progress? Brenda Darden Wilkerson, President and CEO of, spoke with the Los Angeles Times about the importance of giving companies incentives to implement successful diversity strategies. “If a company reports little progress on the diversity and inclusion front, it may make news, but there are no real consequences,” Brenda said. If company leaders treated their diversity reports the same way they treated earnings goals, however, they would be much more motivated to create effective initiatives.

“The reality is many of these companies respond to pressure,” Brenda said, encouraging employees to call attention to any diversity problems in their workplaces. “We’re going to need to see people be more active.”

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Image Credit: #WoCinTechChat