Sponsorship vs. Mentorship: How to Best Support Women in Tech

Joining a mentorship program is a great way for women technologists to gain valuable career advice and learn new skills. However, even with the help of a mentor, many women technologists still lack the full support they need to truly thrive in their careers. Brenda Darden Wilkerson, President and CEO of, spoke with Forbes on why it is essential for women to also be part of a sponsorship program if they are to advance and succeed in the workplace.

“A mentor is someone who can give advice and guidance whereas a sponsor can actively help the woman achieve her goal by being an advocate and placing her resume on the right desks,” Brenda explained. “When women feel supported and advocated for, they will not only grow, but they will want to contribute to the same program that helped them succeed – this is the cycle of successful sponsorship.”

Read the full Forbes interview with Brenda to learn more about the impact sponsorship programs have on women in tech.