Why Sponsorship Programs are the Way to Go in the Age of #MeToo

According to the 2018 Insights Report for our Top Companies for Women Technologists, overall representation of women technologists grew 1.1% from 2017. The needle may be moving in the right direction, but the question remains: Why isn’t change happening at a faster rate? A survey by and SurveyMonkey revealed that half of male executives are actually hesitant to be alone with women due to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. Women therefore cannot turn to these leaders for support or mentorship, and sometimes end up leaving the industry.

If these leaders are uncomfortable with mentoring women one-on-one, one solution they might consider is implementing a sponsorship program.

“Sponsorships are different than mentorships or the traditional going for drinks with a boss,” explained Michelle C. Russell, Vice President of Programs at “It’s more official, with senior leaders advocating for women, and is a way that does not put people in a precarious position because it’s all within a work context.”

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