Tech Industry Can’t Blame Pipeline for Lack of Diversity

The tech industry has continuously used the pipeline as an excuse for its lack of women in tech. However, it is clear that the real reason behind this diversity problem is much more complex. Recent events—from Susan Fowler’s blog post about sexual harassment at Uber to James Damore’s anti-diversity essay—reveal just how often women technologists face discrimination in the workplace. As a result, women leave the field at twice the rate of men, while many other women are discouraged from joining the field altogether.

“[N]ow is exactly the right time for women and other marginalized technologists to tell their stories and make clear the daily human toll of bias and harassment,” states Elizabeth Ames, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Alliances, and Programs at “They need to talk about what they’ve achieved, and the reasons why they live and breathe for engineering and computer science.”

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