To Increase Diversity, Tech Companies Must Adjust Unfair Policies

India has a higher ratio of female STEM graduates than most countries, yet women are still underrepresented in India’s tech industry, especially in leadership roles. One reason for this is that many tech companies create policies that inadvertently discriminate against women. Geetha Kannan, Managing Director of India, spoke to Forbes India about one company that demanded an employee had to be a top performer for three years before that employee could receive a promotion.

“Because of that,” Geetha explained, “people […] who had children couldn’t be at their peak performances due to the balancing act between work and life. So a lot of women did not get promoted.”

By adjusting policies and fighting misconceptions like this, tech companies could better support women and encourage more women to stay in the tech field. Learn more about what companies like CA Technologies and Tata Motors are doing to support their female employees. Read the full Forbes India article.