ThoughtWorks Puts Diversity First

Louda Peña, Product Marketing Manager for ThoughtWorks’ GoCD open source continuous delivery tool, is proud of her company’s efforts towards promoting diversity. “Our interview process, based on two-way dialogue, is intended to provide candidates a clear view of our core values and philosophies about social justice,” Louda explained. The leadership team ensures that candidates and employees feel safe at ThoughtWorks, and that they all respect the company’s diverse work environment.

This dedication to diversity and inclusion is the reason ThoughtWorks won’s Top Companies for Women Technologists program in 2016. As with all companies, however, Louda knows there’s still room for improvement.

“Today’s world is more chaotic than ever and it’s increasingly harder for organizations to stay out of potentially divisive conversation,” she said. “This poses new challenges and an opportunity to create shared purpose, bringing employees closer together.”

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