Exploring the Three Dimensions of Gender Equality

At a glance, it appears that India is doing well in terms of gender equality in the tech field, with women making up 37-42% of entry level technologists. As these women continue in their technical careers, however, they quickly run into obstacles that prevent them from advancing. Unconscious bias, cultural expectations, and the lack of support all contribute to women leaving the workforce, and only 6-7% of tech leadership roles are held by women.

“It will take a more holistic approach to improve gender diversity in the technology sector, or any other, for that matter,” writes Geetha Kannan, Senior Vice President of India, in her article for YourStory. “We need to consider the social, individual, and organizational drivers that directly influence the inclusion of women in the workforce.”

Read Geetha’s article to learn how focusing on the inhibiting factors can improve gender diversity in tech.