Three Ways Women Can Change the Tech World

It can be discouraging to hear stories of women leaving the tech field due to discrimination or harassment in the workplace. However, it’s important to recognize that there are also plenty of women who not only stay in tech but who are successfully making a difference in the industry. Julie Elberfeld, Senior Vice President of Shared Technology at Capital One, wrote an article for Business Insider to share three ways in which women technologists can make an impact and thrive in their fields. One way, she points out, is going to events like Grace Hopper Celebration where women can learn best practices and find support.

“As sustained awareness about the lack of diversity in tech takes the form of viral hashtags, online petitions, and working groups, it heartens me to know there are dedicated forums — like the Grace Hopper Celebration … — that elevate women in tech and cultivate a culture of role-modeling for the next generation,” Julie writes. “When you return to work from a conference that invigorates you, like the Grace Hopper Celebration, use that as motivation to implement new practices in your workplace.”

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