Women in Technology are Essential to a Company’s Success

Public radio station KALW invited Elizabeth Ames, senior vice president of marketing, alliances, and programs at, to discuss the challenges facing women in technology. “We see women leave at about twice the rate of men… The two main drivers of women leaving are lack of promotion, and culture,” she explained.

The leaky pipeline is not just a problem for women but for the tech industry as well. “There is a ton of research that says when you have diverse teams, you get more innovation and you get better business outcomes,” Elizabeth noted. So just how can companies recruit and retain more women technologists?

One solution Elizabeth mentions is the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) which offers a career fair every year. “It’s a great recruiting opportunity for a lot of companies to reach women in the field, or who are interested in the field,” she said. Learn how your organization can participate in GHC.

Listen to KALW’s interview with Elizabeth.