Women-Led Teams Help Facebook Fight Fake News

To address the issue of fake news appearing on their platform, Facebook established two news groups to work on programs and features that will promote legitimate news. Both news groups, which have a majority of female managers, are led by women — a strategic move, considering how data shows diverse teams led by women are often more successful than male dominated teams.

Despite this, Facebook’s diversity numbers remain very low. The company’s first diversity report in 2014 showed women made up only 31% of its total workforce. Since then, that statistic has increased to just 36% women.

“People like to brag about moving forward a percentage point at a time,” said Brenda Darden Wilkerson, President and CEO of “I don’t see that as successful movement at all.” Company leaders, Brenda explains, need to view diversity like a product — if a product improved at such slow a rate, leaders wouldn’t view it as a success at all.

Read the full CNET article to learn more about Facebook’s fight against fake news, as well as other experts’ opinions on the benefits of team diversity.

Image credit: James Martin/CNET