Women 2.0 Presented Articles Inspired by Perspectives from the AnitaB.org Hopperx1 New York City and Male Ally Summit Events

Women 2.0 presented two articles capturing insights and actionable strategies presented by experts who recently spoke at the AnitaB.org Hopperx1 New York City and Male Ally Summit events. These regional events empower women technologists — from undergraduates to CEOs, along with members from industry leading companies, academia, and research — to build relationships, find new ideas and inspiration, learn new skills, and advance their careers in technology, and are part of the AnitaB.org/365 suite of programs inciting a movement to achieve intersectional gender equity in the global technical workforce by 2025.

Hopperx1 New York City is a one-day locally organized event modeled after our Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC). This immersive event brings together women technologists at all levels – along with leading companies from industry, academia, and research – to build relationships, learn, and advance their careers. Male Ally Summit events are designed to inform advocates on how to become change agents that drive intersectional gender equity in tech. We bring together ambassadors, mentors, sponsors, and other champions to network with peers and gain strategies to make teams feel seen, heard, and welcomed, which will result in higher levels of engagement.

Access the articles below to explore a range of ways to improve intersectional gender equity, including tips for male allies who are hoping to improve company culture, women in tech seeking advice on how to succeed in their career, and actionable insights from leaders on how to create supportive and inclusive workplaces. Read the articles listed below to learn more and help promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech!

Career Advice from Inspiring Women

Pursuing career goals can involve navigating unexpected challenges and roadblocks, and this is especially prevalent for women and underrepresented groups working in the tech sector. Inspiring women leaders who were participants at the AnitaB.org events Hopperx1 NYC and Male Ally Summit offer tips to help advance your career in the technical field.

Critical Steps to Improving Support and Advancement of Women in the Workforce

Companies that are cognizant and vigilant about keeping and reviewing intersectional gender employment information are the most successful in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces. Valuing a diverse workforce is a principle that must be modeled and driven by leadership within a company, those that have the ability to set the tone and allocate resources for the organization. Leaders in attendance at the AnitaB.org 2019 Male Ally Summit shared strategies and actions they have taken in their organizations to make the workplace more supportive and inclusive for women and underrepresented groups.

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