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Systers Helping Systers: Kate Kharitonova Awarded Scholarship

Jennifer Rutt

Jennifer RuttOn June 18, 2013 a message was sent to the Systers list about multiple scholarships currently available for college students.  Jennifer Rutt, senior director of engagement at AfterCollege and member of the Systers list made the post because she knew the scholarships could be a great resource for Systers members who are in school or the word could be spread by list members to others in need.

AfterCollege matches college students and recent graduates with jobs and internships based on their field of study, allowing them to explore future career paths. Offering 400,000 job opportunities at 25,000 employers, AfterCollege reaches students in over 45,000 departments at 2900 schools.

On July 19, 2013, Yekaterina (Kate) Kharitonova was awarded the AfterCollege and National Security Agency co-sponsored Computer Science and Engineering Student Scholarship.  AfterCollege has provided a large scholarship program for over a decade awarding more than $800,000 in scholarships to students.  They co-brand major specific scholarships with target employers to create awareness among students who could potentially become future entry-level employees.

Here’s what the scholarship committee had to say about Kate’s application, “She presented herself as a strong candidate for the scholarship and ultimately as the recipient. Not only has she excelled academically but it was evident she will continue to learn as well as pass on her knowledge to future students.”

Kate presented herself as an exemplary scholarship applicant.  The committee went on to say, “In addition to her stellar list of diverse accomplishments and high GPA, Kate’s personal statement clearly communicated her goals and how her attributes as a team player and leader will help her succeed in spreading her passion for Computer Science as a university professor someday. Expressing these elements is critical to a winning scholarship application.”

We asked Kate how being awarded this scholarship will aid in her studies.  She expressed,

As an international student, I am not qualified for a lot of fellowships and scholarships, so I was excited to learn that I was eligible to apply for the AfterCollege scholarships. Filling out the application was actually fun. Winning this scholarship is a very nice recognition of my dedication and achievements. Additionally, I now know a great resource to recommend to those who are looking for internships and jobs. I hadn’t heard of AfterCollege until I saw the scholarship announcement in Systers, and I am quite glad that I discovered it, since it streamlines the search for a suitable internship/job position.

I’m very happy and grateful for being awarded this scholarship. I plan to use this money to travel to conferences, which are a great way to meet other researchers, discuss our projects and observe the emerging research and technological trends. After conferences, I find myself inspired and energized with lots of ideas and research directions. I would like to thank everyone at AfterCollege for creating such a wonderful opportunity for students.

We take this opportunity to congratulate Kate.  We have no doubt that she will accomplish her current goals and go far beyond!

Systers continue helping Systers.