You are responsible for outreach for the event, but AnitaB.org will provide tools and resources to help you. Make sure your read and follow the AnitaB.org Branding Guidelines (coming soon) which will guide you on  event branding, PR, how to use social media, etc.

  • Discuss an outreach strategy with your program committee:
    • Will your event be public or by invitation only?
    • Will you require an access code?
    • What’s the deadline to sign up?
    • Is it free or nominal fee? Do you offer scholarships or passes to those who can’t afford to pay?
  • The public registration page for your event will be located in the Event section of the AnitaB.org website (TBD). We encourage you to include links to this page in all you outreach activities. To set up your page complete the Event Webpage Request Form.
  • Set up your Registration site before beginning outreach.
  • Begin outreach to encourage registration and attendance (Include all the necessary information in the invitation: event name, date, time (allow 30 minutes for registration), location, cost, dress code, who exactly is invited , parking options)
  • Publicize your event
    • Email pas event attendees
    • Post to Social Media
    • Reach out to local tech bloggers and ask them to post about the AnitaB.org Hub event
  • Resources:
    • Sample Invitation