2015 Winter Partner Meeting FAQ

What is the difference between the Winter Partner Meeting and the other Partner Meetings that AnitaB.org hosts?

AnitaB.org has expanded its partner meeting cadence to three times per year, based on requests from our partner community.

The Winter Partner Meeting will be the only full day meeting of the year, and it will include keynote speakers and expert facilitators that will cover a broad range of topics about strategies for recruitment, retention, advancement, and creating environments where women technologists can thrive at all levels.  The meeting will also offer time for our partners to share their knowledge of the issues women technologists face and what they have done in their organizations to help them succeed.  Finally, the company teams will have time to formulate or make progress on their action plans.

The 2015 Spring Partner Meeting will be on May 14th. We hope to use that meeting to dive deep into the best practices of the Top Companies for Women Technologists award recipient, and once we announce the winner, we can firm up details.  That meeting will be 1/2 day at most, similar to last year, in the afternoon.  Partners are invited to register for the Women of Vision Awards Banquet that follows.

The third partner meeting of the year is at the Grace Hopper Celebration in Houston on October 15th– and it is a luncheon with a keynote or panel session.  We don’t like to take our partners away from the GHC experience too long so we purposefully make this meeting shorter.

What is the agenda for the Winter Partner Meeting?

The Winter Partner Meeting will build on the information gathered and shared at the Technical Executive Forum (TEF), held in Phoenix on October 9th.  We will incorporate relevant elements of the TEF content and take a deeper dive in the areas of minimizing bias and gathering and sharing best practices from our partner community.  We are cognizant that some of the attendees of the Winter Partner Meeting may be TEF participants, so this is not a complete repeat of TEF.  The facilitator of the Winter Partner Meeting is the same as from TEF, so she is aware of the material that was covered and where we need to continue conversations.

The program will provide presentations, research, mini case studies and collaboration opportunities for our partner companies on topics including:

  • Practical methods for minimizing unconscious bias in organizations
  • Best practices and research on recruitment, retention and advancement of technical women
  • Approaches that are working at partner companies to help organizations be more inclusive
  • Peer to peer discussions to share progress of and challenges in the implementation of your company’s improvement plan
  • Real time idea incubation to push the frontier of change strategies

Will companies be working within their own teams or cross-company?

There will be a combination of both cross-company and intra-company teamwork.  Part of the agenda will allow teams to be disbursed for networking opportunities and to strengthen innovative ideas to address issues companies are facing, and part will have company representatives sit together to discuss application to their specific organization.  This meeting will also be a good opportunity for the attendees that came to the TEF Call To Action session in Phoenix to check-in with each other on progress.

If our company did not attend TEF, should we still attend the Winter Partner Meeting?

Absolutely!  Teams that did not have a representative a the Technical Executive Forum will be completely brought up to speed on learnings from the last event and have the opportunity to develop and discuss action plans.  Team members can also continue to join our future partner meetings to continue their journey toward building diverse workplaces.

Who will be attending the Winter Partner Meeting?

All AnitaB.org partner companies are invited to join us at partner meetings.

How many attendees can a company send to the Winter Partner Meeting?  What types of functions should attend?

We suggest partners attend in teams of up to 5 people, and we feel a mix of roles will add to the discussion.  Suggested roles to consider include Executive Sponsor or delegate, Diversity and Inclusion or Talent Acquisition leader, Senior Technical Woman, Line Manager and/or Program manager.  Of course, partner companies may select the team composition that works best to allow their organization to meet their goals.

Who are the featured speakers of the Winter Partner Meeting?

Featured speakers and facilitators include:

  • Molly Anderson and Debbie Wolter – Ms. Anderson is co-author of The Corporate Lattice (Harvard Business Review Press, 2010), facilitator of the 2014 Technical Executive Forum, and President of Exponential Talent LLC, a boutique consulting firm specializing in gender and diversity.  Ms. Wolter is an Executive Coach and Strategy Advisor at Exponential Talent LLC and an experienced technology industry executive who specializes in the development and advancement of women in technology.
  • Lori Nishiura Mackenzie – Ms. Mackenzie is the Executive Director of the Stanford University Clayman Institute for Gender Research and strategic initiative leader for the online Voice and Influence program.  She is a frequent speaker on minimizing bias, redesigning work and building inclusive workplaces.
  • Alison Wynn – Ms. Wynn is a PhD candidate in Sociology at Stanford University and researches organizational policies and practices that inadvertently create or reinforce inequality.  She examines recruiting practices and perceptions of cultural fit, flexibility programs, and gender equality initiatives.
  • See more speakers here

Where can I register for the Winter Partner Meeting?

Please note registration for the Winter Partner Meeting is now closed.

I need to book a hotel room for the Winter Partner Meeting

Our block at the Hilton hotel has sold out due to unprecedented demand for the event. For your convenience, here is a list of local hotels that may have availability:

Extended Stay Deluxe – San Jose
55 East Brokaw Road
San Jose, CA 95112

(408) 453-3000

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, San Jose Airport
1755 North 1st Street
San Jose, CA 95112
United States

(408) 453-3133

Courtyard San Jose Airport
1727 Technology Drive
San Jose, CA 95110
United States

(408) 441-6111

Biltmore Hotel and Suites Santa Clara Hotel
2151 Laurelwood Road
Santa Clara, CA 95054

(800) 255-9925

What is the Partner Council?  How is that related to the Winter Partner Meeting?

The Partner Council is a committee consisting of 1-2 representatives from each partner company, with the goal of formalizing and enhancing communication between AnitaB.org and our partner companies.  The Partner Council will also advise AnitaB.org on partner meeting agenda speakers and sessions.  More information about the Partner Council is available by clicking here.

Can I attend the Winter Partner Meeting remotely?

The Winter Partner Meeting is an in-person event.  Much of the day is spent interacting with other partners, and the format doesn’t lend itself to remote participation.

Is there a registration fee for the Winter Partner Meeting?

Winter, Spring and Fall Partner Meetings do not have a registration fee.  These meetings are one of the many benefits of your partnership with AnitaB.org.

Who should I send email to with regards to questions I may have?

Please direct questions to:

Michael Ivers
Business Development Operations Director