Policy Priorities at AnitaB.org

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Though companies have steadily increased hiring rates for women technologists, women still comprise only 29% of the U.S. technical workforce. In the workplace, lackluster compensation and advancement opportunities push women, particularly women of color, to leave their tech jobs. (2023 Top Companies for Women Technologists Report)

AnitaB.org aims to empower women and nonbinary technologists with the support they need to thrive at work and beyond. Our policy and advocacy work engages members and policymakers to promote intersectional gender equity in tech, achieved through equal recruitment, retention, advancement, pay, and investment.

Advancing Intersectional Gender Equity & Pay Parity in Tech

Our 2024 Legislative Policy Primer provides an in-depth overview of the policy areas targeted by AnitaB.org.

Areas of Focus

Diversity & Equity

Women and nonbinary technologists are vital to building the life-changing technology we use every day. We seek policies that will diversify and accelerate pathways for inclusion and equity in the technical workforce. We also support legislation that addresses opportunity gaps for people from historically

Workplace & Economic Security

Workplace inequities threaten women and their families’ economic security. We seek to end pay discrimination and support policies that bolster recruitment and retention for women and nonbinary technologists. We also advocate for legislation that brings systemic changes in labor protections to create healthier work environments.

Social Justice & Inclusion

Women and nonbinary people deserve to lead fulfilling and multi-faceted lives. We promote intersectional gender equity in the workplace and beyond. We also recognize the importance of protecting and fostering diversity in all aspects of life while removing systemic barriers to inclusion for historically excluded groups.

Emerging Technologies

An ideal tech ecosystem values women and nonbinary technologists for their contributions to the field. We support policies that create inclusive spaces for tech innovation that promote diversity and anti-discrimination in both industry and application. We also seek policies that advance digital equity and inclusion opportunities.

Read the 2024 Policy Primer for more detail on the policy areas targeted by AnitaB.org.

Federal Policy Recommendations

  • Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act to end gender discrimination in pay
  • Pass the FAMILY Act for a national paid family and medical leave insurance program
  • Pass the Equality Act to outlaw discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation