Esther Oyewole

Esther Oyewole

She Makes A Revolution using Technology (SMART) Girls

She Makes A Revolution using Technology (SMART) Girls, is an afterschool program aimed at developing the interest of girls in computer science by teaching coding and programming classes designed to be hands-on, supportive, enriching and most importantly, fun!

Classes will be taught to stimulate design, creativity, problem solving, inventiveness, and learning in participants. Training will be in python and scratch programming language, animation, and robotics. Participants will discover the simplicity, beauty, and excitement of computer science. Target beneficiaries are disadvantaged girls between the ages of 10 – 17 attending low income secondary schools. Forty girls will be trained over a six-week period. Participants will have a field trip to one of the major tech companies in Lagos. This will help motivate the girls and show them real life ICT work environment. They will also be connected to female role models/mentors who have excelled in their STEM careers.

The project will support participants to create a coding club which will serve as a safe learning space for girls to make mistakes without the fear of being judged. The coding club will have an open membership policy with girls serving as teachers to train boys. This will build the girls’ confidence and leadership skills. The process will also change the relationship dynamics between boys and girls and allow boys to view girls as leaders.

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