Martha Teye

Martha Teye


Peldemy is a project which seeks to train females in the senior high schools in Ghana with computer programming skills. Together with Naa Ashiorkor Nortey, we train students in python programming and the Page GUI so that they can develop solutions to simple problems around them. Aside from the physical tutorial sessions, I am working on an e-learning platform, which students would use to study during their vacation. This includes video tutorials, audio recordings, pdf’s and online quiz taking. While the physical tutorial sessions run during the school period, students are able to continue studying remotely during their vacation.

Though the physical training sessions are provided for both male and female students, the online session is provided free for only females within the program. This is done because the main focus is on getting more females to embrace computing. Doing so provides the girls with extra resources and guidelines to be able to equally compete with the boys. The short term goal of this project is to get more girls with basic programming skills to participate in local competitions. At the end of the year, a quiz competition between the students is organized and promising female students are duly recognized. The program started with two Senior High Schools and we are looking forward to expanding to other schools in Ghana.

In the long term, I look forward to getting more volunteer tutors to sign up and provide materials and resources on other courses, so that it is not just limited to python programming. Also, I am mentoring the girls in the schools to become assistant tutors to the new members that would join in the coming years. As girls gain interest in computing in the senior high schools, they are most likely to pursue computing-related courses when they get to the university level.

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