Wilhemina A. Anang-Addo

Wilhemina A. Anang-Addo

BusiMoms by Mothers Alliance Network

BusiMoms by Mothers Alliance Network, is a digital platform and community shop that provides a marketplace for unemployed or self-employed mothers to sell their products and services to consumers. Our aim is to provide an exclusive platform providing patronage for businesses owned by teenage and middle-aged mothers in Ghana.

9 million Ghanaian women are faced with the challenge of sacrificing their job for the care of their children and over 1 million of which stay or work from home for the rest of their lives, in order to provide care for their children, If not tackled, over 10 million Ghanaian women would be losing out of being financially independent and Ghana would lose out on attaining the UN SDG’s 5,8 and 10 by 2030.

Our product and services include:

·       Training & Recruitment

·       Children Day Car Centre

·       Micro Loans

·       Businmoms Mobile App & Marketplace

·       Advocacy & Corporate Campaign

Mothers Alliance Network is an organization that provides innovative based training and support for teenage and middle age women to simultaneously raise their children and pursue their career ambitions successfully.

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