Abie Award Winners, Social Impact

BlogHer Inc Co-founders

2008 Winner of the Social Impact ABIE Award

BlogHer Inc and it’s co-founders Elisa Camahort Page, Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Stone

Founded in February 2005 as a labor of love by bloggers Elisa Camahort Page, Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Stone, BlogHer’s mission is to create opportunities for women who blog to pursue exposure, education, community and economic empowerment. Today BlogHer provides the number-one community for and guide to blogs by women, via annual conferences, a Web community and blogging news hub (http://www.blogher.com), and a publishing syndicate of more than 2,200 qualified, contextually targeted blog affiliates (http://blogherads.com).

Elisa, Jory and Lisa have diverse backgrounds in media, high tech product management and business strategy. Lisa is BlogHer’s CEO, and in this role leads product development, working across the organization to advocate for both bloggers and partners. Lisa is an award-winning journalist who was the first Internet journalist to land a Nieman fellowship at Harvard University. Prior to co-founding BlogHer Lisa was Editor-in-Chief for women.com and subsequently helped Glam Media, American Lawyer Media and Knight Ridder launch their early blog networks.

Elisa is BlogHer’s COO, and in this role leads all events, marketing and public relations for BlogHer while working to ensure that all company operations deliver on plan. Elisa is a professional blogging pioneer and a long-time product management and marketing executive in Silicon Valley. Prior to co-founding BlogHer Elisa was one of the earliest social media consultants, having left her last corporate position: Senior Director of Product Management for Terayon (acquired by Motorola.)

Jory is BlogHer’s President of Strategic Alliances, and in this role develops strategic relationships with Fortune 1000 brands and leads innovative campaigns to integrate sponsorships into communities of women interested in every topic, from food, health and family to business, finance and technology. Prior to co-founding BlogHer Jory was a media strategist who helped start-ups such as Pluck and Rojo launch successful blog syndication initiatives and produced Third Age’s successful network of bloggers. Jory has also been frequently published in publications from Fast Company to the New York Times.

BlogHer’s mission is served every time both trained and self-taught geeks find ways to use our site, our events, our activism projects and our publishing syndicate to raise their voices, bolster their personal platforms, and change the world.