Abie Award Winners, Student of Vision

Camila Fernandez Achutti

2015 Women Of Vision ABIE Award Winner for Student of Vision

Camila Fernandez Achutti is pursuing her Masters in Scientific and Technological Education at the University of São Paulo, where she also received her undergraduate degree in Computer Science. She is a visionary entrepreneur and technology evangelist with a passion for advancing the role of women in tech, working to build a community of girls and women that can change the world through innovation with technology. Camila is the Founder and CEO of Women in Computing, the biggest site in Portuguese to support and encourage female participation in the technology world. Camila also works as a software engineer at Iridescent Learning, a non-profit that creates and delivers powerful science, engineering and technology education to help underprivileged children develop curiosity, creativity and persistence.

This year the Student of Vision ABIE Award is sponsored by Capital One.