Abie Award Winners, Social Impact

Ekaterina Fedotova

2009 Winner of the Social Impact ABIE Award

Ekaterina Fedotova is the director for Information Dissemination and Equal Access (IDEA) project for PH International (Project Harmony, Inc.). She manages a network of 60 locally hosted and supported Internet community learning centers across 42 regions of Russia under Microsoft’s Community Technology Skills Program. The IDEA centers, run in partnership with libraries, educational institutions, and other non-profits and with the support of regional and municipal authorities, provide access to the Internet and offer free training in computer technologies and professional skill building to increase employability and marketability for underserved Russians.

Ekaterina has over 10 years of experience implementing educational projects in Russia and internationally focused on developing access to information and e-skills training. Before joining PH International in 2007, she was the project coordinator for International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), deputy director of Mari Regional Center for Internet Education, and educational programs manager at Mari State University International Office. As a fellow of the Contemporary Issues Program, a program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US Department of State, she studied ICT in education and assistive technologies at George Mason University. She holds a degree in English Philology from Mari State Pedagogical Institute, Russia, and has a strong background in instruction and translation.

Ekaterina is also a steering committee member for Telecentre-Europe, a network of organizations and people committed to increasing the social and economic impact of community-based telecentres, which promote digital inclusion for all. She was an invited speaker at the 3rd Global Knowledge Conference 2007 in Malaysia, Baltic IT&T Forum 2008 in Latvia, European Ministerial e-Inclusion Conference 2008 in Austria.