Winifred Mitchell Baker

2009 Winner of the ABIE Award Winner for Leadership

As the leader and Chairperson of the Mozilla Project, Winifred Mitchell Baker is responsible for organizing and motivating a massive, worldwide collective of employees and volunteers who are breathing new life into the Internet with the Firefox Web browser and other Mozilla products.

Mitchell was born and raised in Berkeley, California, receiving her BA in Asian Studies from UC Berkeley and her JD from the Boalt Hall School of Law. Her law career included working for Sun Microsystems and Netscape. She also sat on the board of the Open Source Applications Foundation. Mitchell has been the general manager of the Mozilla project since 1999, helping shape the license under which Netscape’ s source code was released. In 2003, she became president and founder of the Mozilla Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to openness and innovation on the Internet.

In 2005, Mitchell led the creation of Mozilla Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation. Mitchell served as as CEO of the corporation until January 2008, when Mozilla’s rapid growth encouraged her to shift her focus back to the scope and mission of the project. As Chairman of the Mozilla Foundation, Mitchell continues her commitment to an open, innovative Web and the infinite possibilities it presents.

TIME Magazine profiled Mitchell under “Scientists and Thinkers” in its 2005 TIME 100. She has also appeared on “The Charlie Rose Show” and “CNN Global Office” to discuss open source software and the Firefox phenomenon. For the last three years, she has participated in the World Economic forum as a Technology Pioneer.