Abie Award Winners, Change Agent

Reyyan Ayfer

2008 Winner of the Change Agent ABIE Award

Upon receiving her Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Middle East Technical University in 1981, Reyyan worked at various institutions as Systems Analyst and Project Manager. Throughout her early professional career, she noted the increasing demand for expertise in programming and decided to pursue a role in the field of education, specifically in information technology. In 1988 she began working at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey and currently holds a multitude of titles including: Department Chair at the Department of Computer Technology and Programming, where she also teaches courses in Programming, Data Structures, System Analysis and Design; Assistant Chair at the Department of Computer and Instructional Technology Teacher Education; General Coordinator of BITS (Bilkent Instructional Technology Support Team) and the Director of the Institutional Relations and History Unit. In addition to her current work, she also contributes her time to international committees in the field of computer education; most notably representing Turkey in the Association for Computing Machinery – Women (ACM-W) as Ambassador, and leading a community of students at Bilkent University who have come together to form the first international ACM-W Student Chapter.