Social Impact

Paula Goldman

2007 Winner of the Social Impact ABIE Award 

Paula Goldman is the Founder and Director of the Imagining Ourselves project with the International Museum of Women to connect and inspire young women around the world to contribute positive solutions and help their communities. Paula received her B.A from University of California Berkley in Political Economy, Masters From Princeton University in Public Affairs, Human Rights and Community Development and a Ph.D from Harvard, which focused on effective social marketing and “mainstreaming” of human rights causes. Paula can be described as a visionary who is able to translate her vision into strategy and action influencing women and communities around the globe.

Imagining Ourselves utilizes technology, culture and storytelling to inspire and connect women around the world. Imagining Ourselves launched in 2006 and it includes an online exhibit with various themes along with a publish anthology of the project. Over a million young women from around the world have participated in this project. Paula’s project is attributed with positively impacting the lives of the majority of its users and spearheading activism. Imaginings Ourselves helped create a newer model for museums and social media organizations engaging global audiences through technology.

Paula was able to tap into women connected by the Internet to create a historic dialogue among women utilizing images, writing, personal stories, and media. Imagining Ourselves asked the question “What defines your generation of women?” then collecting thousands of responses and digitalizing it to the online exhibit. The online exhibit launched by Paula is unique in the scale of user participation from around the world.

Imagining Ourselves sets forth new themes with its exhibit providing a platform for advocacy and action with partner organizations. Some important organization partnering with the exhibit include: Global Women’s action Network for Children lead by Queen Rania and Madeleine Albright, Yahoo, Global Fund for Women, and the United Nations. Partnering organizations were able to increase web presence, donations, and additional participation. The new online model lead by Paula’s vision proved to be successful and effective in engaging larger audiences globally.