Abie Award Winners, Change Agent

Zahara Khan

2008 Winner of the Change Agent ABIE Award

Zahara Khan is CEO of Sehat First, a social enterprise targeted at delivering affordable, quality basic health care & pharmaceutical services across Pakistan through self-sustainable franchised tele-health centers.  Company Web Site URL: http://www.sehatfirst.com

Zahara Khan was the Co-founder and President of d.o.t.z Technologies. Her primary area of expertise is social development using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Zahara did her Masters in Computer Science (cum laude) from FAST National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST-NUCES), the leading computer science education institution in Pakistan. A true believe in individual social responsibility & sustainable business models for development, Zahara left her lucrative job in the corporate sector and co-founded d.o.t.z technologies to develop various software applications, such as e-stores, used to market the “one village, one product” products internationally, and e-Sehat which provides basic health services to rural communities.