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Faye Sahai

Faye Sahai has been identified and celebrated as an innovation growth leader, change catalyst, and diversity sponsor, working with companies such as AIG, Blue Shield, Deloitte, Charles Schwab, and Kaiser Permanente.

She served as the AIG Global Head of Advanced Technology, Innovation, and Employee Experience. She is also the AIG Executive Advisor of Global Women in Technology and UP Upward Professionals, and was nominated for the Women Executive Leaders Initiative and the Global Inclusion and Diversity Task Force. She was one of founding members and leaders for Kaiser Permanente, Women in Technology (WIT), and Women Embracing Life and Leadership (WELL).

Faye has been an innovation advisor to companies, start-ups, and accelerators, and serves on the Board of Directors for Ayogo Health Inc., CMC Berger Research Institute, and CMCAA. She serves on the Board of Advisers for Somnology MD, Asia Foundation Lotus, and Autonomous ID. Faye is on the Board for Ascend Leadership Western Region, and is the Co-chair of the Innovation Executive Forum.

She has been recognized by Insurance Business Hot 100 in 2017, Elite Women in Insurance Business America in 2017, Ascend Leadership Award in 2017, and Computer World’s Top Premier IT Leaders in 2015. She won the Award for Outstanding Contributions to Kaiser Permanente Asian Community in 2014, and received the Innovation Enterprise Best Ideation Award in 2014.

Faye has been a speaker at Consumer Electronic Show CES, ABIM, Chief Innovation Officer Summit, Venture Beat, Apps World, Smart City, UCLA, Monte Jade Science and Technology, Ascend Leadership, Blue Print, ACG Silicon Valley, UIX Global, Watermark, Women in Tech, Institute for Health Technology Transformation, C200, Alchemist Accelerator, Plug & Play, EY Disruptive Innovation, Worth Conference, Insure Disrupt, and Corporate Innovation Huddle.

She received her bachelor’s degree in Economics and Psychology from Claremont McKenna College and her master’s degree for Business Administration at the Anderson School of Management at the University of California, Los Angeles. She has been trained at the Deloitte Change Leadership, Interaction Associates & CASC facilitation, AIG Women Executive Leaders Initiative, and certified by Standard Center for Professional Development SCPM.

View her LinkedIn  profile, and follow her on Twitter at @FayekS.