Pass It On Award Recipients

Alice T.

Fall 2012 Systers Pass It On Award Winners

Project Title:

To Acquire a Diploma in Software Engineering from the NIIT (a Global IT solutions corporation) in Ghana

Project Description:

Alice will be attending the NIIT (a Global IT solutions corporation) in Ghana to pursue a Diploma in Software Engineering. It is a two (2) year practically oriented program with four (4) semesters that seeks to adequately equip students with the requisite skills/knowledge to utilize the various software applications for development.

The NIIT is the best ICT training Institute in Ghana; offering practically oriented ICT training to Individuals and Institutions in Ghana and other African countries. The certificates, Diplomas and Degrees acquired from the Institution are internationally recognized since it is in Partnership with several International ICT institutions and organizations. They include: Microsoft Gold, CISCO, Comp TIA, Oracle WDP, Intel etc. Alice will use the award to offset cost of expenses at NIIT.