Pass It On Award Recipients

Andrea V.

Spring 2013 Systers Pass It On Award Winners

Project Title: 

Reaching Out Peru!

Project Description:

Andrea is a member of “Women in Technology” (WiT) in Perú which was formed in 2012, as a result of the collaboration of several girls working in technology. The group held a session at the Agiles 2012 in Cordoba, Argentina, where they discussed how to improve participation of women in Latin America, including Perú.   WiT realized the potential of girls in technology, and wanted to grow beyond the “agile” label, reaching out to other technologies and social causes.

In November  2012, Women in Technology in Peru organized an event called “Girls Coding Dojo” in Puno (11/09/2012) in coordination with the director of the Universidad Peruana Unión in Juliaca. Puno is the fifth poorest region of Perú, with a poverty rate above 60%. Due to lack of sponsorship, the members were unable to travel to Puno, and the event was organized using Google Hangout. Even though the event was transmitted via Internet, WiT generated a lot of interest.  More than 40 girls attended the video call and they received very positive feedback from the Director and the attendees.  Because WiT had inspired the girls to continue their studies in Computer Science, the Director asked WiT to continue collaborating with his university.  They believe that by traveling to the school location, it will be a great opportunity for the girls to learn more about Computer Science, and for WiT to identify future projects with them.

Their success in organizing the Girls Coding Dojo Collaboration Project in Puno has proved that there is a large need to reach women in impoverished areas outside of Lima.  This award will help them reach out to girls that are studying or thinking in what to study right now, in communities predominantly dominated by men.