Pass It On Award Recipients

Barbara E.

2007 Systers Pass It On Award Winner

Project Title:BarbaraEricson

Hispanic Outreach Initiative with Georgia Tech and the Girl Scouts

Project Description:

Due to a National Science Foundation grant and an Atlanta Women’s Foundation grant Georgia Tech computing students have been introducing girl scouts to computing in an attempt to encourage interest in the field. We hold 1 day workshops on LEGO robots, Alice, Scratch, and PicoCrickets. We have also worked with the girl scouts at their one week summer camps. We use pre and post surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of these workshops and have found signification changes in the girls attitude towards and interest in computing after these workshops.

These computing workshops have been held at Girl Scout Camps, at Georgia Tech, and at other local facilities. We have reached many girls with these workshops but have not reached many Hispanic girls. We would like to extend our work to Hispanic girl scouts. The Hispanic community often needs help with transportation, participant fees, and meals. Our current grants did not include money for these purposes.