Pass It On Award Recipients

Cassandra C.

2010 Systers Pass It On Award Winner

Project Title:

Websites, Blogs, and Videos for Oakland Middle School Girls

Project Description:

Cassandra is a middle school math teacher at United for Success, a public neighborhood middle school in Oakland, California, with an enrollment of 400 students, mainly Latino. Her PIO award-funded group project, Websites, Blogs, and Videos for Oakland Middle School Girls, will enable her and other teachers to teach twenty girls to build a website, and document their experiences through blogs, videos, and pictures. The school’s Student Leadership Team and the Sisters at Heart student group are collaborating this year on planning school wide events, creating a forum for girls to discuss issues affecting them, and engaging in action research around issues that affect our school and community. Their year’s work will culminate in a service learning project in New Orleans, where they will visit The Rethinkers, a group of middle school students that have been “rethinking” the public school system.