Pass It On Award Recipients

Celine N. O.

2007 Systers Pass It On Award Winner

CelineNkiruOkoroProject Title:

Establishing An ICT Training Center for Women & Girls in Lagos State aimed at Engendering ICT Policy & Deployment in Nigeria

Project Description:

The ability to use and the competence in the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills is crucial for employability and management of businesses. Increasingly, in Nigeria and everywhere in the world, people who are skilled in ICT are more competitive in the job market. They manage their informal businesses more effectively, can interact with potential business partners in more advanced world when there are opportunities for business partnerships/prospects and are more easily mentored to use ICT to improve personal productivity and self worth.

However, many people are still lagging in ICT skills. Women and girls are the most affected due to a serious lack of means/resources necessary to acquire digital technology skills. This factor is exacerbated by the existing social problems of poverty and high unemployment among Nigerian women and girls. In fact, digital divide (in term of gender inequity), education, lack of ownership of productive assets are among the most important factors that keep women in abject poverty in Nigeria. If women and girls in Nigeria are to participate competitively and productively in the economy of the country, their knowledge and competence in the use of ICT must be advanced.

According to available data, Internet access in Nigeria is about 10 users per 10,000 population. It is estimated that less than 3% of women and girls have access to the Internet, and the proportion that enroll in computer Science and other natural sciences studies is even fewer. Compared to women in Asia (22%), Latin America (38%), and Middle East (6%), Nigeria is one of the countries most removed from the use and deployment of ICT. This financial support for ICT training of women & girls in Lagos is needed to increase their competitiveness as well as provide the needed manpower to support development.