Pass It On Award Recipients

Cissy N.

Spring 2013 Systers Pass It On Award Winners

Project Title: 

Improve ICT Skills to young Women Librarians Project

Project Description:

Cissy will use her award  to equip young women who have just completed 1st Bachelors Degree in Library and Information Science from Uganda Christian University Mukono with practical skills  like internet search, library management system, management of digital library, information management etc. She has worked with graduates who have just dropped out of campus and she realized that they lack practical modern ICT skills. So there is pressure to assist and prepare them for the jobs. In her opinion, a college degree is not always sufficient to get a job and additional skills are often in demand.

Cissy will use monies from the award to design a training for Internet search, Library Management System use ( KOHA) ,  management of Digital Library, Information management and dissemination among others. By the end of this training, she expects the trained young Women to be well equipped with internet search skills, to be able to use the Koha Library System and to introduce it to the organizations they will get jobs.  Cissy is sure that Improve ICT Skills to Young Women Librarians project shall sharpen and lay a foundation for young Women intending to work as Librarians in the nearby future.