Pass It On Award Recipients

Deepika A.

Spring 2015 Systers Pass It On Award Winner

Deepika is a software developer at Prior to Expedia, she worked with BlackRock. Apart from her job, she also works as an API developer for an NGO – SafeCity.  She also  volunteers as a mentor in Systers GSOC – 2015. Deepkia, graduated from a premium engineering college of India in the year 2013. Her passion is to encourage women in technology and she wants to break the stereotypes associated with being a computer geek. It was her love for technology and her passion to help budding technologists that she was selected by Google Women Techmaker’s program along with 9 other women from all over India to be trained at Google’s office in India.

Deepika always believed that becoming just another software developer is the easiest job in the world but it becomes really very difficult when you want to be good at it. It requires a lot of hard work as well as guidance. Encouraged by the training given by Google and Speechless, she decided to launch her own youtube channel “CodeShiksha” to help bring industry level exposure to budding technologists; she started a blog with the same name. She also organizes events for Anita Borg community to spread awareness among women about the Anita Borg scholarship as well as to help the female technologist community to grow and connect. It is her passion for technology that she recently won an International Women Hackathon organized by HackerEarth for a Google chrome Extension.