Pass It On Award Recipients

Dilushi P.

2017 Systers Pass It On Award Winner
Project: #include <orph>

When Dilushi was a high school student, education and opportunities related to computer science were not readily available to her. This is the same situation many other women from Dilushi’s home of Negombo, Sri Lanka continue to face, and Dilushi wanted to address and solve this critical issue. She began by conducting workshops for local school children, and soon realized that, while most students have direct access to a personal computer, not every student does. Providing access to computers is essential as it allows students to practice and master the computing lessons they learn.

“As a past Google Anita Borg memorial scholarship recipient, I am motivated to attract more women to computer science,” Dilushi said. “Dr. Anita Borg’s example and advocacy caused many women to join the technical revolution — not just as bystanders but as active participants and leaders, and I believe I am one of them.”