Pass It On Award Recipients

Emma C.

Spring 2014 Systers Pass It On Award Winner

Emma is from Freetown, Sierra Leone. She has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Peace and Conflict from the University of Sierra Leone. While in high school, she discovered her passion for youth and women’s issues as a result of the injustices and daily suffering young people are faced with in post-war Sierra Leone.

Emma is currently working with the Youth Partnership for Peace and Development as a program manager. Her passion is to ensure young people are given care and attention as respected and trusted partners in development. Living in a post-conflict setting like Sierra Leone, she has witnessed the harsh realities of war and the spill-over effects it had on the general citizenry.Her experience inspires her to help create the change she wants to see for the constituents she serves.

Emma says, “I am lucky to have been alive after the war, I feel very challenged to contribute to society in the little way I could and that has always been my dream.”