Pass It On Award Recipients

Gabriella L.

Spring 2012 Systers Pass It On Award Winners

Project Title:

Be the first woman in the whole family to graduate in Computer Science and to work in technology

Project Description:

Gabriella is seeking partial funding to support the final year in a Computer Science degree. She will be the first woman in the family to graduate in a STEM subject; this would set an example to other women in the family and she would be an ambassador among the people in her  network of what women can do working in technology.

In order to be able to focus on her studies in her final year, she needs financial means to support herself during that time in substitution of part-time work. For this reason, the PIO Award would be a partial contribution to the funding needed to be able to fully dedicate her final year to her Computer Science studies. Concentrating on her studies will help her to achieve a high class Honours degree that will put her in an ideal position career-wise and to continue her studies – either in a Masters in HPC (High Performance Computing) or a PhD.

Finally, she wants to be the role model for other young women in her family and network – show that it’s possible and desirable for someone coming from a non-technical background to study and work in a technical field, and that there are opportunities and exciting things to be achieved.