Pass It On Award Recipients

Gayatri B.

2010 Systers Pass It On Award Winner

Project Title:

Technical Center for underprivileged girls

Project Description:

Gayatri is the founder and Executive Director ofFAT: Feminist Approach to Technology, a successful not-for-profit organization in New Dehli, India that is dedicated to empowering women through technology. FAT runs a tech center for underprivileged young women from fifteen to twenty-five years of age. The Techie Girls reporting module is a 3-months educational program that focuses on teaching young women computer and Internet skills by making each girl a community reporter on a particular subject. These girls will conduct video interviews with community members and take photos, which will form the content for the websites they construct. These IT skills will enable them to find good employment. Gayatri will use the award to finance the purchase of new computers for the tech center. It is anticipated that the tech center will continue to provide IT training to underprivileged young women.