Pass It On Award Recipients

Graciela R.

2017 Systers Pass It On Award Winner
Project: STEM Talks: Girls Equality & Computing Technologies in Mexico

Graciela is from Mexico City, Mexico. Her project, “STEM Talks: Girls Equality & Computing Technologies in Mexico,” is a broader project that benefits groups of girls and was created to close the gender gap in technical fields. The project is aimed to female students, between the ages of 12 and 16, studying high school in Mexico, with no previous or minimum knowledge and/or experience in CPT but who are interested in studying it. Uses interactive conferences in order to invite, inspire, and encourage girls to seek their place in the CPT field, make them believe that being a CPT engineer is not a difficult goal and they can become professional technologists in the future if they want to.

“Based on my marketing experience and inspired by Maria Montessori, for more than ten years, I have dedicated my time to join forces for social change, building important national and international alliances, proposing, among other things, that education reaches all social sectors,” Graciela said.